Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle
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Resources on Fruit Tree Care


Cass Turnbulls Guide to Pruning
The definitive illustrated guide to pruning for health and esthetics.

American Horticultural Society Pruning & Training
David Joyce and Christopher Brickell
A great reference text with beautiful pictures.


Bill Wanless
Brooke/Wanless Gardens, LLC
ISA Certified Arborist, Plant Amnesty Certified
Elegant, healthy pruning of small trees, shrubs & vines

Local Organizations

Seattle Tree Fruit Society
Group of local fruit-growing enthusiasts which hosts lectures, does field trips to orchards, and distributes a newsletter.

Plant Amnesty
Referrals to arborists and gardeners, classes, garden tours, online information on pruning

Northwest Chapter of International Society of Aboriculture (ISA)
Referrals to arborists, lots of online tree information

Center for Urban Horticulture
Answer line, Miller Library

WSU King County Extension
Provides master gardeners, professional expert advice, speakers, and extensive online gardening resources.
Todd Murray AG/HORT

Western Washington Fruit Research Foundation
Provides volunteer assistance and advice to the general public on fruit culture and sustainable fruit varieties in our marine climate

Online Publications

Plant Amnesty's Pruning Guide for the Northwest - A very useful publication with helpful illustrations.

Training and Pruning Your Home Orchard - A very comprehensive well-illustrated guide.

WSU Presents Hortsense - Fact sheets on IPM (Integrated Pest Management) for fruit trees. Very detailed.

Pruning to restore an old, neglected apple tree (EC 1005) - Detailed instructions for the steps in pruning an old apple tree.

IPM for Apples in Western Washington - A Guide for Sampling and Decision-Making for Key Apple Pests in Northwest Washington.

Friends & Foes: Apple Maggot -Todd Murray's factual and well illustrated guide.

WSDA Apple Maggot Facts - History and description of the WSDA's control program

HortSense – Apple Maggot

WSU Orchard Pest Management On-line - All you ever wanted to know about the Codling moth.

WSU PLS – Codling Moth - Even more about the Codling Moth.

Publications for Purchase

Apple Cultivars for Puget Sound (EB 1436)
Descriptions of 124 apple varieties give history, taste, appearance, and other characteristics.